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Praise and worship through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit

What is the Sistering Retreat?

Share each other's troubles and problems and in this way obey the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2

The “Sistering” Retreat is an extraordinarily unique inspiration of God. The very “act of Sistering” is a spiritual expression of God’s divine love and strong desire for women to be made spiritually strong and whole. The retreat has a spiritual origin that measures beyond that of a mere “concept” designed by man. The Sistering retreat is not a concept. It is a spirit filled action that touches the very heart and soul of a woman whereby, establishing healing, restoration, liberation and reconciliation that far exceeds the expectations of most of the retreat participants.

The term “Sistering” is derived from a technique in carpentry by which one board is nailed to another making them both stronger.

On a spiritual level the goal of the “Sistering” retreat is also designed to enable women to strengthen one another by providing a safe spiritual environment of teaching, preaching and fellowship that affords women the opportunity to learn how to be authentic and unwavering Christians. We strive to offer the opportunity for women to be transformed into instruments that God can use to bless others. As women leave this retreat transformed and renewed it is our prayer that they will spread the healing, deliverance, encouragement and enlightenment they have received with the “sisters” they interact with every day.

Sistering Prayers

O Merciful God who has blessed us in ways both large and small since our meeting last month we lift our voices in praise and adoration confessing that You are the one, true and Living God. We ask that You continue to assist us by the power of the Holy Ghost to make prayer a priority in our lives. Bless us with time, inspiration and discipline so that we might continually grow closer to You. Remind us also to intercede for others on a daily basis sometimes using our own trials and tribulations as a way to uplift others with the same or similar struggles. Also we pray that we will always include thanksgiving in our prayers for the prayers You have already heard and answered.

In Jesus' Name


My Dearest Sisters in Christ, The Holy Spirit that lives inside of me and all of us urges us to pray the Lords prayer as Jesus taught. Today my Father I pray that your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Father, I pray that your will be done in my sisters lives and the lives of their family members, friends and all the situations that may exist in their lives today. Father, I humbly ask you to strengthen our prayer life so that our relationship with you and others will be fortified and in some cases, restored. Please give us what we need to surrender our will to you; the will that you so freely gave to us. Help us to experience and accept the peace and joy that can only come from you because of your love for us. Father, we continue to lift-up our brothers and sisters who are being effected by hurricanes and earthquakes. May your grace and mercy abound. We love you Father and thank you for your Holy Spirit that continues to guide us in so many ways.

In Jesus' Name


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